Please note change of dates

Call out from March - Closing May 14th 2021

The three-day workshop will take place on Tamborine Mountain from 11-13th June 2021.

This call out is for ‘working artists’ who would like to become an influential, prolific, and sustainable arts business leader. 

The three full-day workshops will be delivered on Tamborine Mountain from the 28th to the 30th of May at Goat Track Theatre’s headquarters, ‘The Basement’ in the Vonda Youngman Community Centre.

Each day will involve a different key focus and will be presented/facilitated by Andrew Wright.


Arts Plus



Applications to be received no later than 14th May 2021

Susccessful applicants notified by 21 May 2021


Contact: (07) 5540 5050 (Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm)

Your application MUST in 300 words, tell us:

  • Why you want to participate in this three-day professional development workshop.
  • What are your goals for this workshop and for your artist career?
  • How you intend to grow your art practice.
  • Your capacity to commit to the program fully.

Please send us your CV and include links to your artworks, website and/or social media.



There is no charge. However, the successful artists must commit to attending in-person to all three of the full-day workshops on Tamborine Mountain.


Andrew & Louise from Goat Track Theatre have run several sessions with my Asia Pacific team covering creativity workshops, team building, presentation training and executive presence. Their sessions are some of the best I’ve experience for growth, development and engagement of teams and individuals. Andrew and Louise take a unique, creative and playful approach towards the training and this has achieved incredible outcomes for my team.” — SUZIE BRADY, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS ADOBE

Each day of the ‘Arts Plus’ retreat, will be divided in to the three key themes of ART, BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP. 

1) LEADER: This day has a PROFILE focus, in order to take the artist 'from 'Making Up the Numbers' to 'Making a Mark'. It is for artists who would like to access a bigger audience and be seen as the 'go-to' person in their niche, through the three levers of personal mastery, people mastery and purpose mastery. 

2) BUSINESS: This day has a PROFIT focus, in order to take the artist 'from Struggling to Sustainable'. It is for artists who would like to look at how to become more successful in selling their work and how they might increase the interest and investment in their arts business through marketing, sales and delivery of their products and services.

 3) ART: This day has a PRACTICE, PROCESS, and PRODUCT focus, in order to take the artist 'from Piece Meal to Prolific'. It is for artists who would like to look at their practice, process and products and how they might increase the quality and quantity of their work through practice mastery, process mastery and product mastery.

When each of these three days come together, they create an arts, business, leader who is artistically prolific, financially sustainable and meaningfully engaged. This creates personal resilience for one of the most vulnerable sectors in our community but it also enables these same artists to lead sector-led recovery defined by cultural vibrancy, economic development and social cohesion.