Please note change of dates

Call out from March - May 14th 2021

The 12-week Mentor Program will take place from  June 11 - September 3

This call out is for young and emerging artists (18-35) who would like to develop their entrepreneurial skills in order to take action and implement a promotional strategy.

Only three artists will be chosen to take part in the group-based business coaching and leadership program who want to make art, make money, and make a mark. It's goal is to create young artists who are not just surviving but thriving in their artform, their business acumen, and their leadership abilities. The artists must be available to take part in the program from 11 June- 3 September. The program will be offered at The Basement - Goat Track Theatre, Vonda Youngman Centre, Tamborine Mountain, and online. 

The commencement of the program will be from the 11th -13th June as part of Arts Plus a 3 day workshop on Tamborine Mountain.

Artrepreneur is not a 'talk-fest.' It is not for young artists who would like to talk about art and sustainability and leadership. Rather, it is for young people who are ready to take the actual actions required to 'make' a career in the arts or, who are already trying to do this but require assistance. 


Photo of Oh Harlow (Tiana and Briannah Dennis)


Applications to be received no later than 14th May 2021

Susccessful applicants notified by 21 May 2021


Contact: (07) 5540 5050 (Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm)

Your application MUST in 300 words, tell us:

  • Why you want to participate in this free mentoring program.
  • Tell us about any track record of achievement in Arts Practice, Business, and Leadership.
  • What they hope to get out of the mentorship.
  • What impact this might have on their career and others around them.
  • Their capacity to commit to the program fully.


There is no charge. However, the successful artists must commit to attending the 12-week mentorship program.


  • In terms of ART form, the program seeks to take an artist's work from Piecemeal to Prolific through a development of their: Practice; Process; and Product/s.
  • In terms of their BUSINESS acumen it seeks to take artists from Struggling to Sustainable by helping them with their: Marketing; Sales; and Delivery. 
  • In terms of LEADERSHIP, the program seeks to take young artists 'from making up the numbers to making a mark', through a focus on their: Personal mastery; People mastery; and Purpose mastery.

After the application process, successful applicants will be notified and invited to a 'Kick-start" weekend to be held at the Basement on Tamborine Mountain. This is obligatory and must be attended in person. This weekend will set the participants up with a business plan and program details that will be needed to guarantee their success throughout the program. These participants will be chosen with the criteria of:

  1. Track Record of Achievement in Arts Practice, Business and Leadership. The person chosen will need art- making that is of a quality that people will buy. Business acumen can be built but there must be a willingness and plan to grow a business or the opportunity will be wasted. Leadership – the person demonstrates the desire to share their learnings, successes and shortcomings in the interest of personal growth.     
  2. Potential Impact –by helping these participants who might we also be helping?
  3. Work Ethic/ Character – Starting point is less important than commitment to the process. What evidence exists that this person will follow through?     

The 'Artrepreneur' program will then move to a once per week online/in person delivery format for 12 weeks. This will be delivered through the mechanisms of online lessons delivered through an Live Zoom sessions (weekly), a Q and A session (weekly) and ongoing access to the group through a private Facebook page and Voxer access to Andrew as a coach. While the participants are building out their business tool kit each week, they will be set tasks to enable them to get immediate traction in their business.

Like all, successful programs, we will track key achievements and key performance indicators of success in each of the three areas by observing lead and lag measures. This is important as much of the benefit to the artist will turn up after the program’s completion. The skills that this program imparts are likely to directly impact the young person's resilience as an artist, business person and leader.