War Stories and Our Town

Teacher Resources

As an ongoing lagacy of the Anzac Centenary, the Scenic Rim Regional Council has commissioned a suite of teacher resource videos that help to unpack the Anzac Story and its relevance to the Scenic Rim

The objective of these resources is to make meaningful  links between the 6 exhibition themes covered during the War Stories and Our Town program and the Australian History Curriculum.  Aimed at teachers in the region, the videos will help make connections between the curriculum and relevant stories from our region thereby giving students  more localised content.

The videos will help with the implementation of History into the classroom by highlighting:

  • Relevant Year Level Descriptions
  • Key Enquiry Questions
  • Australian Curriculum Content Descriptors.

The Teacher Resources have been divided into the 6 WSAOT themes, with each video focusing on individual topics covered on the exhibition panels. Throughout each video, discussion Stop Points have been included to target specific content descriptors. It is suggested that at these points the class pause for discussion or launch into their own learning experiences.

The Teacher Resource Videos target the following year's levels as there are direct links between the WSAOT content and the History Curriculum

  • Foundation Year
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 6
  • Year 9 Depth Study 3: World War 1
  • Year 10 Depth Study 1: World War 2

Teacher Resource Videos

Educator Curriculum Links Video


Women in War

ANZAC A Day in the Life...

Black Diggers