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The Soldiers and Nurses of the Beaudesert District in World War 1


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An exhibition on First World War will be set up in the foyer of the Museum which will reflect what was happening 100 years ago at that time. Beginning with recruitment the exhibition will change each 6 months to build on the war stories in Beaudesert region.

The volunteers of the Museum can help you with researching the history of the Beaudesert soldiers.

The Soldiers and Nurses of the Beaudesert District in World War 1

The Beaudesert Historical Society has received $6597 through QANZAC grants.

This project is a publication which chronicles the individual histories of nearly 580 Beaudesert district soldiers and nurses who participated in the First World War. Based on extensive research, the book will include letters, postcards, diary excerpts, recommendations for military honours and awards, photographs, and other relevant records. The information will significantly add weight to the names recorded on local cenotaphs, honour boards and the service and casualty lists published in the Beaudesert Times, the local newspaper. It will be a significant resource for schools, historical and genealogical societies, libraries, museums, members of RSL sub-branches, and the wider local community. This publication represents the first part of a two part project, with a second book planned which will tell stories from the “Home Front”. This second book will deal with soldiers support organisations like the Red Cross and Comforts funds, as well as recruiting, repatriation, resettlement and pensions.