Scenic Rim War Memorials

Maroon War Memorial


Maroon State School, Boonah-Rathdowney Road,

Maroon Qld 4310


The Maroon War Memorial is located within a small enclosure inside the grounds of Maroon State School. The memorial is a tall structure comprised of a sandstone pedestal, column and Digger statue, resting on a stepped concrete plinth.

Tall marble plaques are attached to the front and back faces of the shaft. The front plaque contains an honour roll bearing the names of the 42 local men who served in World War One. Beneath this, on the lowest tier of the pedestal, is another plaque bearing the names of the 42 local men and women who served in World War Two. The plaque on the back face of the shaft bears the inscription: This memorial was erected by the residents of Maroon as a tribute of gratitude and respect to the local volunteers in the Great War 1914-19.

Attached to the lowest tier of the pedestal, on separate faces, are two small oblong marble plaques with the inscriptions: Unveiled by General Sir William Birdwood, May 21, 1920 and: Time capsule placed 21-9-91 commemorating the Maroon State School centenary 1891-1991. With the exception of the latter, the other commemorative inscriptions are leaded.

Two small but mature trees, possibly Cypresses, flank the path and frame the approach to the memorial. Pines or Cypresses traditionally are associated with First World War memorials, symbolising the August 1915 battle of Lone Pine Ridge, one of the most savage in the Gallipoli campaign.