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What is RADF?

The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local governments which invests in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

RADF 2017-18 promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers to: support diversity and inclusivity; grow strong regions; and provide training, education and employment opportunities for Queensland artists and local communities.

RADF Objectives

  • Invest in locally-determined priorities delivered through arts and cultural activity
  • Support local artists and arts and cultural activity to deliver value for local communities
  • Provide opportunities for local communities to participate in arts and cultural activities.
  • Contribute towards current government priorities

Scenic Rim RADF is guided by the Scenic Rim Regional Council Arts and Cultural Policy which can be viewed HERE


How is RADF delivered?

After extensive consultation with regional communities, Arts Queensland has developed a more flexible approach to delivering RADF which enables individual Councils to deliver the program utilising either or both of the following:

Council  Strategic Initiatives projects

  • council-initiated or council-led arts and cultural activities, projects and events
  • council-initiated professional development opportunities for local artists and arts workers


Local Community Grants programs

  • grants for artists or arts and cultural workers for professional development activities, new work or projects

SRRC RADF (Since 2013)

View past community projects here

2013/2014 Councils directed $10,000 towards an Artist in Residence Strategic Initiative with the remainder of funds used between 2 Community Grant rounds  with 11 community projects funded

2014/2015 Council directed all RADF funds towards Community Grant rounds with 11 Community projects funded. 

2015/2016 Council directed $20,000 towards 3 Strategic Initiatives (Caring for Our Community for a disabilities audit, Public Art and Professional Development) with  the  remainder of funds  expended between 2 Community Grant Rounds with 11 community projects funded. 

2016/2017 Council directed $20,000 towards the Fires on Top of Mountains Strategic Initiative with the remainder of funds used between 2 Community Grant rounds with 7 community projects funded. 

2017/2018 Council will direct all RADF funds towards the Windows to the World Strategic Initiative

2018/2019 Council will direct all RADF funds towards 2 Community Grant rounds.


Strategic Initiatives 2017-2018 : Windows to the World

The Curatorial Theme across RADF and the Scenic Rim Cultural program for 2017/2018 will be Windows to the World

During this year we will look at how we can live locally but act and work globally.  We will explore the cultural heritage which makes us all modern Australians and look to develop cultural exchanges with communities of interest around the world.

In 2017/2018 to achieve the objectives of RADF in ways most relevant to our local communities and to tie in with the Commonwealth games on the Gold Coast in 2018 council-led strategic initiatives for Windows to the World that will  provide opportunities for professional development, artists in residence, public programs, storytelling and heritage.

Projects that will sit under the Windows to the World Strategic Initiative will include

1.         Fires on Top of Mountains: Scenic Rim Cultural Program

2.         Windows to the World Cultural program for 2018

The Strategic Initiative will include the following projects:

  •  First Nation Shared Fire Project
  •  Shared Fire Community Story Project
  •  Queens Baton Relay 
  •  Shared Fire Community Street Parties
  •  IN Cabaret
  •  Fire and light works
  •  Word on the Street
  •  Cultural Centre Programming 
  •  Fire on Water Finale 

What RADF will be used for summary    

Calling creatives to be part of the 2017/2018 Cultural program (Life in Landscape and Windows to the World)

Through this Strategic Initiative, Council will be  calling on emerging performers, artists and arts workers to take full advantage of the creative possibilities of participating in exhibitions, delivering school holiday programs, developing skills, staging workshops and helping to ignite enthusiasm for the Commonwealth Games .

Previous RADF applications

All activities that have received RADF investment (including individual career development/ arts and cultural projects and activities/ or council strategic initiatives) are required to complete an outcome report within 8 weeks of the completion of their project.

Outcome Reports for Community Grant rounds fall under two categories:

Public Projects Outcome Report

This outcome report template is for those undertaking activities that have or will lead to a public outcome – e.g. exhibitions, events, engagement projects, creative developments, performances, place making projects, publications and public workshops. 

Professional/Career Development Outcome Report

This outcome report template is for those undertaking professional/career development activities – e.g. attendance at conferences and training workshops to develop your own skills, knowledge or career.

RADF Information


The Scenic Rim Regional Council has a number of specific Key Performance Outcomes they need to gather evidence about throughout the year to report back to Arts Quensland including:

  • That local people are engaged as decision makers about RADF.
  • That local communities and partners are satisfied with councils management of RADF.

Please complete the following survey to provide feedback on Councils RADF program. Forms can be returned to the RADF Liaison Officer




RADF Contacts

For all RADF enquiries please contact:

Scenic Rim Liaison Officer
Mark Paddick
PH: 5540 5351