2019/2020 ROUND 1 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $25,000.00 as follows:


  • Alick Kilsby - $12,075 For all facets of a full-length album, written and performed by Scenic Rim musician, Parker Sound. RADF will support the technical, logistical, and collaborative aspects of Parker’s LP which will comprise of the productio

  • Friends of Tamborine Mountain Library Inc  - $4,464 A 2-day multi-arts and cultural event, Five Senses Festival. The Friends of Tamborine Mountain Library will host renowned author and speaker Jackie French to conduct 4 separate events: 2 workshops aimed at children and young adults, and a presentation and a panel discussion aimed at adults.

  • Tamborine Mountain Orchestral & Choral Society - $3,461   To bring a conductor and musicians from the Queensland Symphony Orchestra to mentor and perform side-by-side with the Tamborine Mountain Orchestra and Tamborine Mountain High School students. Participants will benefit from the expertise of a visiting professional conductor and from working closely with musicians from the State orchestra.

  • Greg Huglin - $5,000 To Deliver hands-on one day filmmaking workshops, Academy Award Winning Cinematographer Greg Huglin (The Cove), will share 50 years of international career knowledge building up the filmmaking capacity of Scenic Rim youth and creative industry educatorshumour with stunning voices, tight vocal arrangements and topical text to address social issues around women and ageing.

2018/2019 ROUND 2 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $25,200.00 as follows:



  • Andrew Wright  $7,500 For THE CHANGELINGS. This project will involve writing, directing and producing a futuristic reimagining of the Changeling myths to explore the idea of online addiction. The major goals of the project will be to involve young people in the creation of a stage play that explores this very important theme in a new and innovative way. The funds from RADF would constitute a part of the production costs of building set, costume and design elements for the project

  • Ben Allmon, $10,000 To write and produce The Black and White Braid: Roads, People and Stories of the Scenic Rim, a fully-illustrated book (and podcast) about the history of the Scenic Rim, from a unique perspective – walking along the roads of the region and recording the stories of both people and place. The title alludes to the intertwining of our region’s indigenous and non-indigenous people, the fact that we are all connected, not just by the black and white roads, but through history, through stories, through the place we share.

  • Elise Greig $7,700 For developing and staging the premiere season of the full-length production of The Clints Come Again Reunion Cabaret. This is a new cabaret work that utilises three professional theatre artists who combine 

    humour with stunning voices, tight vocal arrangements and topical text to address social issues around women and ageing.

2018/2019 ROUND 1 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $25,259.00 as follows:



  • Howard Edmunds . $8,635 RADF  funded the Concept Development for a South West Regional Tour of Opera Eagle’s Nest that will lay the groundwork for our first South West regional tour. Our ultimate aim is to present a musical concert of high artistic quality to regional audiences, and to engage communities in creatively stimulating arts activity that they might not otherwise have the chance to access

  • Emma Bosworth, $9,200 To host a songwriter’s retreat at The Wild Mountains, a creatively nurturing and inspiring space to collaborate, in the Scenic Rim. Twelve mid-career songwriters from around Australia will collaborate with new writers and garner new life long relationships. The 4-day retreat will include an important educational and professional development element, which will be aimed at encouraging and empowering artists to continue their writing profession.

  • Bec Andersen, $7,424 For the Sew Local Sweat Shop, a public art event which actively engages the community to sew shopping bags in a factory production line setting. The performance will take place in a vacant shopfront and will provide community building and educational opportunities to the participants and audience.


2017/2018 RADF funded a Scenic Rim Council Straegic Inititaive - Fires on Top of Mountains




2016/2017 ROUND 2Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $25,000.00 as follows:


  • Andrew Wright for Birds of a Feather. $15,000 RADF funding for community consultation, workshopping, scripting and rehearsing a number of street theatre performance troupes across the region inspired by the birdlife of the Scenic Rim.

  • Catherine Drynan, $2,000 For a two day museum workshop in basic photographic documentation, material and pest identification, and treatment for collection management and conservation

  • Neil Hockey, $8,000 For the creating, editing, publishing, printing and sales of the first in a series of seven Yugarapul cultural stories

2016/2017 ROUND 1 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $24,755.00 as follows:


  • Shannon Hunter for Scenic Rim Women of the Cloth. $5,000 RADF funding will allow members of the group to attend a three-day master class with artist and tutor India Flint, who creates natural plant dyes for fabrics 

  • Naomi Hunter, $7,000 To publish a re-telling of the traditional story of King Waa-Gun, based on the ancient wisdom of the Ugarapul country with John Long. Local indigenous artists will contribute to the artwork for the book, which aims to inspire a new generation of children

  • Wendy Trulson, $1,055 To will attend a master class by visiting American mixed media textile artist Elizabeth Bunsen. Her workshop in natural dyeing at the Ballarat Grammar School is Elizabeth Bunsen's only master class during her visit to Australia early next year.  

  • Jemima Da Silva Macedo,$11,700  To will stage The Black Opal, an adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night set in 1930s Australia, at the Tamborine Mountain Convention Centre in May 2017. 

2015/2016 ROUND 2 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $18,700.00 as follows:


  • Bec Andersen $8,830 - Community Artist, Bec Andersen, will work with St Bernard’s State School year 6 cohorts to design and produce a temporary installation of textural panels, consisting of a collection of individual hand hooked chair pads.  

  • BADCAP $7,500 - To recreate the sculpture that Craig Medsen proposed for the Wyaralong Sculpture Symposium, which was a large prehistoric bike

  • Tamborine Mountain Little Theatre Company Inc  $3,500 - The project involves 4  half-day workshops for new and emerging local playwrights in the Scenic Rim, 

  • Sue Swinburne $13,000 - Epitaph is a mobile app designed for use in cemeteries. It presents personal anecdotes and snippets of life stories of the people who are buried in local cemeteries. The stories are recorded through interviews with families and communities of the deceased. Using mobile technology, the stories are digitally geo-cached in local cemeteries, and are triggered for users to listen to via an app on their mobile device as they walk by a subject’s grave.
  • Jo Davies $3,540 - Creative Community Carers Project will provide a creative forum for those who work as carers within the community of the Fassifern Retirement Village. It aims to improve morale, have an opportunity outside of the workplace for meaningful and artistic expression and enjoyable social connection.  

  • Barre Dance School $600 - Adopt a Dancer, sees the ballet school adopting a ballerina from the Queensland Ballet

  • Fassifern District Historical Society Inc $2,280 - Volunteers from Fassifern District Historical Society will run a series of workshops for people interested in caring for and storing textiles. The workshops are aimed primarily at members of the Scenic Rim Heritage Network as well as local residents who have identified family textiles they wish to store in a stable manner

2015/2016 ROUND 1 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $18,700.00 as follows:


  • Rotary Club of Beaudesert $8,200 - The Beaudesert Music Muster will  be a free event for  residents  to relax, and enjoy a professionally presented 'Muster' that will provide family entertainment, along with many rides, art and craft workshops, visual entertainment and free events for the children..

  • Alinta Krauth $4,500 - This new media art project involves  both an interactive online community engagement and placemaking component  as well as an evening art event involving projection art on Tamborine Mountain.

2014/2015 ROUND 2 Successful Recipiants

Council approved a total of $21,056.00 as follows:


  • Boonah and District Cultural Foundation $1,200 - The grant will be used towards the costs of running workshops in comedy to increase the quality or performers in the Boonah and District area. Read the Boonah & District Cultural Foundations Case Study

  • Rathdowney Area Development and Historical Association $1,600 - The project will deliver exhibition development and production training (including materials) for Scenic Rim Heritage Network Members. This will also assist the production on a new War exhibition at the Rathdowney Museum. Read Rathdowney Historical Associations Case Study

  • Wendy Creighton $11,875 - The grant will be used towards the costs of researching and developing a self-guided heritage trail of the Boonah commercial district in preparation for the publication of an illustrated book.

  • Queensland Music Festival $3,801 - To deliver the 2015 Emma Pask and The John Morrison Trio: Latin, Jazz Soul performance at the Boonah Cultural Centre, including skill development opportunities for young people and talent from the local community.

  • Justin Kummerow $2,580 - This project aims at capturing the community spirit that exists at Beaudesert State School through song, music and video.Read Beaudesert State Schools Case Study


2014/2015 ROUND 1 Successful Recipients

Council approved a total of $49,278.00 as follows:


  • Goat Track Theatre $13,000 - To create an Indigenous Youth Theatre Ensemble that will train weekly for 2015, creating cultural products that celebrate heroes of their community while training young performers for work in the performing arts and cultural tourism sectors.

  • BADCAP  $9,875 - To pay for a local sculptor to be part of the Wyaralong Dam Sculpture Symposium 2015. Read BADCAP's Case Study

  • Mununjali Arts Group  $4,700 - To run professional development workshops for local indigenous artist to deliver a program of classes that build on skills in concept development that will culminate in the Black Diggers exhibition in 2015. Read Mununjali Art Group's Case Study

  • Clinton Barker $2,261 - To attend a one week professional development workshop with Basil Hall Editions in Braidwood NSW, where the focus will be on developing new skills in the area of printing etchings. Read Clinton Barker's Case Study

  • BAMS  $2,900 - To conduct workshops for BAMS members and other Scenic Rim residents in designing and painting techniques for theatrical backdrops. Read BAM's Case Study
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council - $10,500 - To develop, in conjuction with the Scenic Rim Heritage Network, three themed exhibitons for War Stories and Our Town. 

2013/2014 ROUND 2 Successful Recipients

Council approved a total of $49,278.00 as follows:


  • The Moogerah Passion Play Association Inc.(Building Community Cultural Capacity) $10,823  - To run workshops for emerging musicians and sound equipment performance to coincide with the Crosslake Music Festival. Read the Moove Music Festivals Case Study

  • Martin Potter (Contemporary Collections) $10,800 - To support Queensland filmmaker Peter Hegedus to undertake a cross media workshop in Beaudesert -creating and sharing stories with community

  • Diane Sims (Concept Development) $4590 - To research and develop a multimodal approach to storytelling for prominent local elder Una Coolwell Watson

  • Natalie Morris (Regional partnerships) $6,00 - To run weekly 2 hour structured art and craft workshops open to whole community

  • Scenic Rim Heritage Network (Contemporary Collections and Stories) $1,765 - The tour of Qld Museum for members and volunteers of the regions community museums to develop collection management procedures, documentation and cataloguing.

  • Scenic Rim Regional Council (Building Community Cultural Capacity) $15,300 - A CCD project with a theatrical outcome. Cries of the Kalwun engages young people in the heritage stories of their region.

2013/2014 ROUND 1 Successful Grant Recipients

 Council approved a total of $ 21,127 as follows:


  •  Moogerah Passion Play (Concept Development) $5,240: to develop a youth music festival to support the talents of budding regional musicians.
  •  Emily Matthews (Developing Regional Skills) $1,000: to attend the McGregor Summer School.
  • Canungra Information Centre and Historical Society Inc.(Regional Partnerships) $4,987: to develop an exhibition on local pioneering artist Edwin Bode.
  • BADCAP (Building Community Cultural Capacity ) $2,150: to conduct performance workshops in Mask Mime, Costume and Drama method as part of the 2014 Arts in the Olives Festival.
  • BADCAP (Concept Development) $1,000: to develop the concept of mentoring local senior high school students and an indigenous artist in world class sculpture and convening a major art event.
  •  Komburmerri Aboriginal Corporation for Culture (Yugambeh Museum).(Concept Development) $6,750: for the concept development of a legacy theatre piece for the 10th anniversary of the Drumley Walk to be performed the Drumley Showcase event at The Centre, Beaudesert 



2012/2013 ROUND 2 Successful Grant Recipients

Council approved a total of $ 31,045 as follows:


  • Ailsa Rolley (Building Community Cultural Capacity)  $13,750: to plan and produce a community art and culture event commemorate the anniversary of Australian South Sea Islanders’ (ASSI) arrival in Queensland
  • Beaudesert Potters Association Inc (Developing Regional Skills) · $2115:  to engage a professional tutor to conduct a comprehensive workshop on clay sculpture

  • Bec Anderson (Developing Regional Skills) $1550: Bec Anderson to attend a week-long workshop with ELS VAN BAARLE at TAFTA’s Geelong Forum textile retreat.

  • Boonah Cultural Foundation (Contemporary Collections/Stories) $5700: Boonah and District Cultural Foundation to transcribe rates books from 1906-30 so the originals can be preserved and the information accessed by the public

  • Lorraine Brown (Developing Regional Skills) $1430: Lorraine Brown to attend the Australian Bookbinding Symposium in Melbourne in October 2013

  • Peter Kuttner (Contemporary Collections/Stories) $6500: Peter Kuttner to create 100+ new flora and fauna videos for his Vimeo page where they can be harvested by the Encyclopaedia of Life


2012/2013 ROUND 1 Successful Grant Recipients

Council approved a total of $37,494 as follows:


  • Ailsa Rolley (Concept Development) $10,670 - To engage a facilitator and event coordinator to work with community members and ASSI stakeholders to create an event plan for a community commeration

  • Rathdowney Area Development & Historical Association Inc  (Contemporary Collections/Stories) $10,800 - To engage a consultant to work with the Rathdowney Area Development and Historical Museum to develop a Collection Policy and a Strategic Plan through training and group participation; present a Volunteer Policy and Significance Assessment training workshops for the Scenic Rim Heritage Network; and Write a Significance Assessment Report for the collection and buildings at Rathdowney Area Development & Historical Museum.

  • The Baptist Union of Qld - Community Services Group - Fassifern Community Centre  (Building Community Cultural Capacity) $1460 - Beginner & intermediate workshops in stencilling for young people of the Scenic Rim..

  • Nadine Bates (Concept Development) $4 000  - The development of a screenplay called "She Wore Black" based on a young adult's experiences living in the Scenic Rim.

  • The Beaudesert Bush Bards (Building Community Cultural Capacity) $532 - Presenting a one day program in poetry writing for adults and students in years 11 & 12

  • Goat Track Theatre Company (Contemporary Collections/Stories) $10,032 - The Risk Project by Goat Track Theatre Company, is youth based community arts and cultural development project with a theatrical outcome, spanning the three major townships of Scenic Rim


2011/2012 ROUND 1 Successful Grant Recipients

Council approved a total of $29,615 as follows:


  • Rebecca Andersen (Cultural Tourism) $11,840 - To stage a knitted, knotted or crocheting installation in Doughty Park, created by the local community.                         
  • Christine Grimmett (BADCAP) (Building Community Cultural Capacity) $4,300 - Sculpture in the Grove, a feature event to be held at Arts in the Olives 2012.  To showcase a variety of sculptural artforms and to offer workshops to encourage the creation sculptures in stone, iron, fibre, clay and ephemeral works.
  • Julie Valenzuela (Concept Development) $4,500 - Writing, directing, rehearsing and producing works to be performed at Boonah Cultural Centre. The works are the result of collaboration between interstate dancers and a local singer/songwriter.
  • Peter Kuttner (Contemporary Collections/Stories) $8,975 - To take 13 years of unedited video footage (showcasing biodiversity of Tamborine Mountain and surrounding regions) shot in a variety of formats: to edit, reformat and timecode reference the footage so that it can be archived by the State Library  of Queensland.


2011/2012 ROUND 2 Successful Grant Recipients

Council approved a total of $22,898 as follows:


  • Kevin Smith (Concept Development) $8,828 - The development of a theatrical production for the script "Carve" resulting in an inter-regional performance outcome.
  • Tamborine Mountain Arts Collective (Concept Development) $9039 - Towards the costs of a feasibility study and concept development research to establish a working and teaching arts and artisans hub on Tamborine Mountain
  • Friends of the Lost World Gallery & Museum Inc (Building Community Cultural Capacity) $4041  - The Ancient Arts Revival - a series of workshops in a variety of arts and bush crafts, culminating in an open day exhibition and community festival.
  • Roberta Shaw (Developing Regional Skills) $990  - Attendance at the 2012 TAFTA Geelong Textile Forum