23 March 2018
Scenic Rim's Shared Fire events from April 1 to 14 have already brought communities together, as preparations for the region's celebration of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games near completion.
Just as the Commonwealth Games brings nations together, Council's Fires on Top of Mountains cultural program, featuring its Shared Fire celebrations, have ignited community spirit across the region.
Supported by Arts Queensland, the Regional Arts Fund and Regional Arts Development Fund, Council's Fires on Top of Mountains program has been developed to celebrate the region's individual stories and culture.
It has brought together Scenic Rim residents of all ages and backgrounds, with arts and crafts programs which tie in with the Shared Fire events helping to further strengthen the social fabric of the region's communities.
We Are Queensland has funded the Flock Project, which saw local elders working with Year 6 children at schools on Tamborine Mountain, Beaudesert, Kooralbyn and Boonah to learn Indigenous stories about our region and the birds that inhabited each area.
Children also worked with local artists Bec Andersen, Therese Flynn-Clark and Sally Hart, as well as choreographer Anita Doncaster, to create lantern puppets to feature in the fire ceremonies at the Shared Fire celebrations at Tamborine Mountain, Beaudesert, Boonah and Kooralbyn during the April school holidays.
The Totem project, which ran during the January school holidays, involved local artists Leeton Lee and Donna Page who worked with local elders to share stories which inspired children to print banners with bird totems to decorate the event sites.
With birds a common thread in the events, Goat Track Theatre Company has been working with students on Tamborine Mountain and in Beaudesert on the Birds of a Feather roving theatre performance.
Youngsters across the region who honed their circus skills with instructors from Circa will be participating in the spectacular Fire on Water event at Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley  on Saturday 14 April.
Children, elders and community crafters have pooled their talents to make paper lotus flowers to float on the lagoons and recycled water bottle lanterns to hang in the trees, as well as sewing bunting and creating flags.
Arts collectives across the region have been preparing artisan markets, workshops and demonstrations for the each of the events.
Local artist Colleen Lavender, who was mentored by a master steel artist, has worked on a massive fire sculpture to be unveiled at the Fire on Water finale at Kooralbyn. The work is a collaboration of designs by eight artists from across the region and tells the stories of the Scenic Rim.
Men's Sheds at Kalbar, Jymbelung House Beaudesert and Tamborine Mountain have been crafting fire torches for the fire ceremony.
Musical Director Andrew Veivers has composed the music and orchestration of Quiet Enough To Hear and worked with schools, community ensembles, choirs and individuals to create the Scenic Rim People's Orchestra with Tamborine Mountain, Beaudesert and Boonah chapters which will come together at Kooralbyn.
Andrew also worked with Tamborine Mountain College Drama Excellence students to develop music for their theatrical piece, The Flame Tree.
Other individual school items in the program include a performance piece by the Barre Dance School and St Bernard State School.
The Chamber of Commerce on Tamborine Mountain will host the Scenic Rim Baton Relay on Main Street directly after the Queen's Baton Relay on Sunday 1 April. This event will see children from schools across the region running a relay, carrying the flags of the Commonwealth.
In Beaudesert, the Chamber of Commerce will present a laser light show as part of the Shared Fire celebrations on Monday 2 April and in Boonah on Tuesday 3 April the Chamber of Commerce is supporting local traders to present a long table communal dining experience, Tastes of the Commonwealth, in High Street.
In Kooralbyn the Chamber and community will be launch the new Koorablyn Connection Trail as part of the Fire on Water event on Saturday April 14.
Scenic Rim Regional Council has worked with local Indigenous communities, elders, local high schools and the Department of Education and Training to support dance education and heritage through participation in the Bangarra Rekindling program, creating an ongoing partnership and opportunities with the Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts.
We would like to honour and thank the Mununjali, Ugurapul and Wangerriburra Indigenous elders and communities, teachers and students at Tamborine Mountain State School, St Bernard State School, The Mununjali Jymbi Centre, Beaudesert State School, The Kooralbyn School, All Saints, Boonah State School, Tamborine Mountain College, Chambers of Commerce at Beaudesert , Tamborine Mountain, Boonah and Kooralbyn, the Mens Sheds at Boonah, Kalbar, Beaudesert and Tamborine Mountain, Tmartscollective Tmac, Boonah Arts Society, Mt Alford Artistan markets, The Beaudesert Arts and Info Centre, all the volunteers and members of the Scenic Rim Heritage Network. The members of the Readiness Reference Group, the Police and Emergancy Services who have attended countless meetings to manage the QBR and Shared Fire events. To all the volunteers who have offered to help set up and manage parts of the event.The Scenic Rim Writers Group, Goat Track Theatre Company, Arts Queensland, RADF and RAF ( who helped fund this project and make it all possilvle. Robert Smith and DEET. Felicity Mandile from the Queensland Ballet, The Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts, Circa, Queensland Writers Centre, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, The Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley, Andrew Wright, Andrew Veivers, Angie Dunbavan and Kacey Patrick-Bare for the Peoples Orchestra, the Gold Coast Design Collective, Colleen Elsa Lavender for her work on the fire pits and fire sculptures, Therese Flynn-Clarke, Bec Andersen, Leeton Lee, and Sally Hart. Anita Doncaster for their work on the Totems and Flock Project, all the creatives who have helped make banners and decorations for the event sites and especially the team of creatives and workers at Scenic Rim Regional Council who are giving up their Easter holidays and have gone above and beyond to build an event that will leave a legacy in our community throught the stories shared and experienced.... well before the event days and beyond.
We salute you!