Wet Weather Contingencies for Queens Baton Relay and Shared Fire events.

What happens if it rains?


There will be some shelter provided.

Just like the Commonwealth Games themselves, all events will continue unless weather conditions become dangerous. Notification of cancellations and updates on road and weather conditions will be via Councils Facebook page and  disaster dashboard website

Bring wet weather gear in case of  light rain. Consider rain ponchos, small umbrellas and waterproof shoes. In the case of inclement weather, we recommend packing a light rain proof jacket w/ hood and/or a lightweight poncho.

The forecast for Tamborine Mountain on 1 April - mainly sunny with a top of 27 degrees
For Beaudesert April 2- top of 26 degrees with a chance of showers
Boonah forecast for 3 April a top of 27 degrees a mix of sun and clouds

But you never can tell...
Dangerous weather conditions will be determined by Bureau of Meteorology, Disaster Management and GOLDOC.  The QBR and Shared Fire Events in this case will be cancelled.
If there is light rain the events will go on as scheduled.
In the event of moderate or intermittent rain events will continue but there may be changes to schedules and performance areas.
In the event of heavy rain alternative venues will be at The Vonda Youngman Community Centre, The Beaudesert Cultural Centre and the Boonah Cultural Centre.