EXHIBITIONS @ The Centre Beaudesert Regional Gallery


During war and times of deprivation, a community's resillience and ingenuity is tested.

18 September to 28 October


Sat 19 September  10am

Exhibition Launch: The Long Morning Tea   Free entry

Guest Speaker: Mandy Clements, South Eastern Divisional President QCWA


5540 5050 |


The Centre Beaudesert, 82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert



Gallery Open Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Sat 10am-2pm. Closed public holidays.

Make Do & Mend

Make Do and Mend exhibition features a collection of heritage arts and crafts created by women and men during and inspired by war times: an investigation of our ingenuity and resilience. Features homespun memorabilia, ration packs and local images that explore community resilience in times of shortage and adversity.  

Showcasing local displays of artworks and crafts which reflect on the many intricate and ingenious heirloom arts and crafts which were part of everyday life during the war eras as well as photographs of local creative spaces and making places currently used by men and women: from halls, sheds, barns and verandahs to machinery benches and kitchen tables. 

A community weaving and story sharing project with renowned Scenic Rim fibre artist in residence Bec Andersen will be a highlight of the exhibition.  This project has been created during a series of workshops spanning over three months across Scenic Rim.  All welcome.


Would you like to participate in this community rug making & paper bead crafting project?   
Do you have stories of war time make do and mend activities in your family? 
Interested in getting together with other members of the community to make something as a group?  Join Bec and others in your community for her monthly workshops from June to August 2015. more info


Calling artists, crafts people and groups interested in creating artworks and items which reflect on heirloom arts from war times to be included in this local component of the exhibition.  You may have photographs, actual items or stories about items made by family members during war times which can be used as inspiration for your artwork or craft piece.  If you wish to be involved, send your expression of interest to irene.g@scenicrim.qld.gov.au and include your full contact details and description of your ideas, artwork or item.

SHEDS, BARNS AND KITCHEN TABLES : creative spaces and making places of the Scenic Rim

Do you know someone or do you like to make things : tinker on machinery or timber in your shed or make clothing or other clever everyday items?  We are keen to hear from you and showcase your creative space and items in this unique display of local making places and the clever people who use them.  Email thecentre@scenicrim.qld.gov.au or call 5540 5050.


Celebrate and remember the values of "mend & make-do" @ Scenic Rim Libraries.

Do you have any

•        Brilliant recycling ideas?

•        Cheap healthy recipes?

•        Clever improvisations?

•        Guaranteed gardening tips for growing your own food?

•        Great tips or techniques for recycling or re-enlivening clothing?

•        Money-saving hints?

Share your tips for living cheaply and saving money. The libraries will be collecting and displaying everyone's tips for surviving when things get tough.

After these have been displayed, all these hints will be collected and made available for everyone to access online.