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24 MAR - 7 JUN 2017


Friday 24 March 2017 6 for 6.30pm
On the Couch: Conversation with Bronwyn Davies and artists Fiona Rafferty and Dave Groom and Flying Arts Alliance Executive Officer Kerryanne Farrer


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The Centre Beaudesert, 82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert


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This exhibition features recent works by Scenic Rim artists Dave Groom, Kim Williams and visiting works by Fiona Rafferty and Frances Smith in the touring exhibition Reminiscence: Celebrating 100 years of Australian visionary Judith Wright  toured by Flying Arts Alliance Inc.

Dave Groom has produced a series of paintings and drawings in his collection titled A Sense of Place.  Dave lives on the edge of World Heritage Listed Lamington National Park, part of an ancient volcano that created the landscape of the Scenic Rim region.  "For me, the beauty of the natural landscape lies in its connectivity and its timeless grandeur. I like to think of this connectivity when I work. The natural landscapes balance, beauty and timelessness are nice concepts to be inspired by."   There are three different bodies of work in this exhibition. The Mt Barney Series, Pods and Wreaths and the Ridge Series.

Fiona Rafferty and Frances Smith  Reminiscence: Celebrating 100 years of Australian visionary Judith Wright.   This exhibition brings together work by mixed-media artist Fiona Rafferty and ceramicist Frances Smith.  The artists have taken inspiration from time spent at Judith Wright’s former home Calanthe on Mount Tamborine. The resulting work is focused on her poetry, Australia’s First Peoples and the environment.  Judith Wright was a visionary Australian poet and environmentalist. She was a passionate campaigner for the protection of the environment and Indigenous land rights. During her lifetime she published over 50 books, founded the Wild Life Preservation Society of Queensland and helped to form the Aboriginal Treaty Committee. A tireless activist, Wright attended the June 2000 Reconciliation March, just a week before she passed  away. 

Reminiscence is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland’s Playing Queensland Fund.

Kim Williams is a descendant of the Kullilli and Wakka Wakka clan from St George and Cherbourg and now lives in Beaudesert. Kim's series of intricate sculptures, drawings and photographs titled Weaving Culture draw from her traditional cultural background and connection to country.  "I am a part of the stolen generation as I was stolen from my family and my country when I was four and placed into an institution. My grandmother finally tracked me down nine years later at the age of 13, and taught me everything I needed to know.  By the time I was 15, I was initiated through women’s business and I was given all permission and responsibilities to carry on the traditional women’s practices.  I am here today to celebrate the resilience and survival of the world’s oldest living culture".  The works in this exhibition include traditionally woven piccabeen baskets. Kim has then created drawings of the weaving baskets by shining a light at the basket to reveal enchanting designs and patterns rich with hidden symbolic stories.

Public Programs

The Poetry of Drawing Master class

Saturday 25 March 2017 at The Centre Beaudesert
A one day workshop with Reminiscence artist Fiona Rafferty.  Drawing from the themes of the exhibition Reminiscence: Celebrating 100 years of Australian visionary Judith Wright, this workshop will look at the relationship between the written word and visual art making. This masterclass is presented by Scenic Rim Regional Council and administered through Flying Arts Alliance Inc.  $60 excl materials  Bookings essential - limited places.    more