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Bird Reflections showcases local responses and connections with birds in the Scenic Rim. The exhibition features pottery and sculptures by local artists Monique Quarantini and Colleen Lavender, and the Gullunini Creation Story is a short film of Mununjali First Nations dance of the waterhen creation story.

Monique Quarantini


Colleen Lavender PERCY



Gullunini Credits
Special Thanks to Mununjali Elders
Camera, Editing, Direction, Production: Lann Levinge, Bianca Hayes, Luke Barrowcliffe
Story Audio Recording: Lann Levinge - Soundscapes
Music: Jamaine Wilesmith
Location: Running Creek, Christmas Creek. Scenic Rim

FEATHERED: Bird Reflections

The Bird Reflections exhibition is one of two of the Feathered exhibitions.

11 January - 5 February 2022

The Feathered Exhibition Open Day (Meet the Artists and Fun Family Day) will take place on 29 January. More info


The Centre Beaudesert, 82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert

Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Sat 10am-2pm

Closed public holidays




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Monique Quarantini (top image) is a renowned potter in the Scenic Rim and has been working in the pottery industry since the mid-80s. Her work reflects her passion for her surroundings and her spiritual connection to it. This collection of pieces from Monique's Little Bird Song series capture birds in her garden and community, including the beautiful delicate Fairy Wrens. 

Colleen Lavender (middle image) is an established sculptor and jeweller and is known for her characteristic plasma-cut welded sculptures of Australian wildlife, animals and public artworks in the region. This collection will feature sculptures of local birds, sharing her personal connection to and love of wildlife.

Gullunini Creation Story
HD Video
The significant component of the First Nation program at Arts Ablaze in 2019 was the development of the community-led dance project which saw the uncovering of an old creation story, "Gullunini" the waterhen. The story was shared with the community by esteemed poet and political activist, Lionel Fogarty.
In a partnership with the Traditional Mununjali Elders, Beaudesert State High School and dance artists Mununjali Ngari, emerging choreographer Mitchell Currie and dance director Bianca Hayes produced an innovative retelling of the story through dance.
The dance, originally performed at Arts Ablaze, was revisited in 2020 with the help of Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) and Regional Arts Services Network (RASN) funding. Local artists, Brendan Knight and Kim Williams, planned the Mununjali Culture Camp with young dancers from the region with the aim to refilm the Gullunini performance on country. 
The project helped young people reinvigorate their connection to country and culture and create a legacy film so this important story can live on forever.