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FEATHERED: Bimblebox 153 Birds

The Bimblebox 153 Birds exhibition is one of two of the Feathered exhibitions.

11 January - 5 February 2022

The Feathered Exhibition Open Day (Meet the Artists and Movie Screening) will take place on 29 January. More info


The Centre Beaudesert, 82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert

Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 10am-4pm; Sat 10am-2pm

Closed public holidays




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Bimblebox 153 Birds is a unique installation of artist prints, poetry, prose and musician’s birdcalls by over 450 people worldwide, inspired by the birdlife of the Bimblebox Nature Refuge. 

Located in central-western Queensland’s Galilee Basin, the Bimblebox Nature Refuge is a dynamic 8,000 hectares of privately-held, never-been-cleared woodland that exists on the eastern edge of the Desert Uplands bioregion. Although protected in perpetuity by a Nature Refuge Agreement, it is not protected from, and is consequently threatened by, coal mining.

Bimblebox is home to 158 species of birds including the endangered Black-throated Finch. There are also twelve species of conservation significance including the Squatter Pigeon and Grey-crowned Babbler. In Bimblebox 153 Birds, each bird species is given voice by a writer, an artist, and a musician. The installation consists of individual, original bird prints, while the writers’ and musicians’ pieces are captured and presented on audio playing in the room and via a private listening station.

Compact in its design and unique in its concept, Bimblebox 153 Birds showcases creative responses across a broad range of printmaking techniques, writing styles and innovative music. Printmaking techniques include etching, drypoint, woodblock, linocut, screenprint, monoprint, lithography, collograph, and other methods, often mixing media. It enthrals gallery visitors who love being surrounded by birds while it sparks stories and conversations. It’s our story of our birds, how we experience them and sadly how we may lose them. Bimblebox 153 Birds creates an inspiring cultural experience for Australian communities.

Bimblebox 153 Birds has continued to evolve since it was first exhibited. As further bird surveys are conducted at the Bimblebox Nature Refuge, bird species new to the list are added allowing Bimblebox 153 Birds to invite new artists, writers, and musicians to the project.

Curated by Jill Sampson
Audio compilation and mixing by Boyd

More info on the Bimblebox Art Project

Bimblebox 153 Birds is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund.  This project is also supported by The Bimblebox Alliance, Museums & Galleries Queensland and proudly sponsored by Seedhead Holistic Graphic Design and Quill Studios.

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