Bringing Tibet Home (G) 2013

When a Tibetan refugee dies from a terminal illness, his last wish to set foot on his native soil remains unfulfilled.. until his son, a New York-based artist, embarks on an unthinkable journey.


Friday 2 February - 6pm
@ The Centre Beaudesert


Sat 10 February - 10am
@ Boonah Cultural Centre






When New York based Tibetan artist Tenzing Rigdol's father passes away in exile with an unfulfilled wish to take his last breath in Tibet, Tenzing realizes that his father's dream to return home to his lost nation is shared by all exiles. Driven by this realization, the artist embarks on a mission to reunite the Tibetan land with its people, literally, through an art project that involves smuggling 20,000 kilograms of native Tibetan soil to India.

Starring Tenzing Rigdol, 14 th Dalai Lama, Topten Tsering

Genre: Documentary, Adventure, Drama

Running Time 82 min