Friday, 22 October 2021

Vonda Youngman Community Centre

This ARTS DINNER is part of the Resilient Women's event. More info on this will be available soon.

Arts Dinners have always been a way to dive deeper, to find out more, connect with like minds, have a voice and speak your mind. 

November's Arts Dinner for Resilient Women asks: What Does it Take to be a Resilient Woman?

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Fri, 22 Oct 2021



  • 6pm for 6.30pm start


Vonda YoungmanCommunity Centre, North Tamborine



Tickets are $25 per head and catering is by Spice of Life



Online, at the Box Office in person or by phone (07) 5540 5050

during office hours: Tues - Fri | 10am - 4pm


The guest panel includes Kim Walmsley - Mununjali /Wangerriburra artist, Colleen Lavender - sculptor and horse whisperer, Carin Garland - photographer, and Erica Bartle from Outland Denim.

Join us for a night of networking, great food from the Spice of Life, inspiring conversation, and music by Winner of the 2018 Queensland song of the year, CLEA.

Kim Walmsley is a passionate Mununjali/Wiradjuri First Nations descendant and self-taught professional Visual Artist.  One of Kim's greatest fortunes is her family. Kim grew up in an adopted family that instilled a strong sense of belonging and a desire to explore both the world and its unique cultures. Her travels throughout Europe and Asia inspired her to explore and explain her identity as an Indigenous girl adopted to a non-Indigenous family, while reconnecting with her biological heritage as a Mununjali/Wiradjuri descendant. Connecting with her Mununjali family at 27 years of age filled in the gaps, empowering her art and sense of connection.

All her life, Kim has been on a soul-nourishing journey.

Kim Walmsley

Colleen Lavender started life in the Pilbara in Western Australia, with her indigenous roots strongly tied to nature and connection with the land. After graduating from high school, Colleen enrolled at university in the Northenr Territory and completed her Bachelor of Fine Art. 

Now living in Queensland, her passion for horses lead her to having a rural property in the bush, where many years of severe drought has bene endured. These experiences have added to her resilience and strength, and through making art, this has saved her mental health and enriched her life, bringing out that passion once more. Her ability to work through hard times with courage and softness is what makes her such a strong woman with a big heart. Colleen uses recycled materials in her work and has a feminine style within the masculine confines of metal and found objects. 

Colleen Garland

A long-term resident of the Scenic Rim, Carin Garland is a professional photographer whose work has appeared on the cover of Pump Magazine, is the exclusive photographer for Outland Denim (and Outland Journal), and O’Neill Australia amongst others.  A strong sense of community governs her approach to her work, and she has done shoots with many local businesses to help them raise their profile, including Scenic Road Magazine, Dasha the Label, and Zanzibar Hairstyling to name a few.   

With a focus and passion for portraiture, and place, her photography has taken her around Australia and internationally. 

Carin Garland

Erica Bartle is the Communications Director and Co-founder of Outland Denim; an Australian denim company that gained in popularity after Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wore a pair on her royal tour in Australia in 2018.

Erica is also a communications professional and journalist with twenty years' experience in the media industry and a special interest in international development, social justice, and curbing the cultural, financial, and sexual exploitation of women and children.

Erica Bartle

Following the success of Clea’s debut album, Vermillion, in 2018, Clea has since won Queensland’s song of the year for her hit single, Dreaming, performed a heart-rending Triple J’s Like A Version and played shows around the country. Clea’s creative passion expresses itself through song, video, fashion, and captivating live performances. 

As a conscious consumer, Clea is passionate about preserving and enriching her natural environment. When not involved in music, attending to the plants and animals within her living space acts as a cathartic and important means of self-preservation. 

2021 sees Clea emerging with a re-focused vision, a sophomore album in her sights and a renewed sense of independence and longing to act as a positive creative force.



Vonda Youngman Community Centre

2-4 Knoll Road, North Tamborine