Tuesday, 9 March 2021 @ 6pm (QLD time): DISASTER AND RECOVERY

Our hardest journeys are on the road back to recovery from disasters. At this special Arts Dinner, we talk to one community who have endured life changing events and how they are using the arts as the journey partner.

This event will be held at Providence Farm, Beechmont, and livestreamed.

The first hour of the arts dinner will be livestreamed to audiences who can participate online or watch at a later date. From 6.30-7.30pm the panel discussion will unpack how Beechmont and other communities deal with disaster. Those attending the LIVE event will be treated to performances by local artists, Tobias Beech, Tilly Miller. Catering will be provided by the Flying Bean Café.  Part 2 of this special event will include opportunities to participate and comment on Regeneration activities including murals, exhibitions, memoirs.  There will also be community information stalls

The Scenic Rim ARTS DINNERS project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Speakers for March:

  • Benjamin Allmon
  • Jessica Brown
  • Lisa Groom
  • Scotia Monkivitch


Benjamin Allmon

Author, Freelance Journalist, Musician, Audio Engineer, and Film Producer.

Benjamin has just walked 700 km around the Scenic Rim capturing stories of resilience, connection and deep relationship to the place we call home. He is the author of 'The Black and White Braid: Roads, People, and Stroies of the Scenic Rim' VOL 1.

Benjamin Allmon

Jessica Brown

Poet, performer, director, arts worker, and teacher. 

Jessica is the driving force behind the Regeneration - Creative Bushfire Recovery Project in Beechmont. She has over twenty years’ experience working across the creative industries, education and the not- for-profit arts, and cultural sectors. 

Jessica coordinates The Little Pocket (Beechmont), a grassroots association that celebrates community connection, capacity building and creativity

Jessica Brown

Lisa Groom

Tour leader and co-ordinator with interNATIONAL PARKtours.

Lisa is the daughter of interNATIONAL PARKtours founders Tony & Connie Groom, and grand-daughter of Binna Burra Mountain Lodge founder, Arthur Groom.

Her passion is for regional ecotourism, discovering local characters and showcasing nature from a different perspective.

Lisa Groom

Scotia Monkivitch

Manager of Creative Recovery Network (CRN).

The CRN is the national agency advocating for and supporting the role of culture and the arts in disaster management - preparedness, response and recovery. 

Scotia is committed to artistic and executive collaborations and partnerships that changes the way people see their own and others' lives.

Scotia Monkovitch


The Scenic Rim ARTS DINNERS are a professional and community skill development series which combine great speakers, networking, facilitation and workshops with great food and entertainment.  Each Arts dinner addresses a theme identified as significant for the Arts Sector across our regionsThis project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.